How To Save Money While Hiring A Bus on Rent?

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Hiring a bus on rent in Delhi/NCR is not an easy task, You Know Why? I will tell you, there are Hundreds of Travel Agents in all over Delhi but everyone is not a bus owner or directly providing Bus on rent in Delhi. So what?

when you are looking for hiring a bus in Delhi and you search on google there is 7 Milion search result with the only keyword Bus hire in Delhi, do you think everyone is operating bus? then who?

I exactly don’t know how many of them own buses or are actually bus operators but most of them are acting agents. they don’t own Buses, Tempo Traveller, A/C Buses or other luxury buses like i.e. Volvo, Mercedes or any other brand, they are just pretending to be an operator, that’s not really going to save your single penny because they took commission ( i don’t mind this kind of practice but many time it increase an unhealthy competition for bus operators).

What Happen if I didn’t hire a bus directly from the bus operator?

let me write a few points in this regards those might clear your doubts…

It might cost you higher than the actual price, suppose you hire a bus for a wedding in Delhi for destination marriage (Jaipur) and it going to cost you X amount when directly hire through bus operator why one should pay Y amount to an agent?

you might get your program ruined, think what happens when you book a 50 seater bus on rent for Haridwar through an agent, everything is done from your side, you already saw the Bus photos and passed them but on the final day, you come to know that the bus is changed? Yes, this happens so often because the operator didn’t get the confirmation and the bus went somewhere else…

How I actually Save while hiring a bus on rent?

Its very simple, try to find the actual bus operator and book with them there are so many bus operators in Delhi who believe in the quality of business and provide the best service. when you book to try to visit their office and see the vehicle with naked eye’s. try to negotiate them they will definitely go down with the price because they know they are not going to pay commission to an agent… hire upper model vehicle instead of too old to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

that’s it on how to save money while hiring a bus on rent, hope that’ll help you to save a few bucks because everyone has the right to save money also I am hoping that my fellow agents won’t get offended…


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